Tech Tools and Storm Response are Top of Mind in 2021

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In every eMagazine issue, Roofing Contractor editors highlight the new products entering the market. Some are hits – innovations that will no doubt make a roofer’s life easier – and some miss the mark. Each year, we try and objectively look at the new entries in the marketplace and determine which could play an important role in the roofing industry going forward with our Editor’s Choice.

Amid all the challenges the past year posed for roofing contractors around the country, the industry was still grappling with how to become more efficient and profitable on-the-job with persistent workforce shortages. Contractors continued to choose and rely on products that helped them do their jobs faster without compromising quality or long-term solutions for their customers.

Despite the lack of traditional means to introduce products into the market via trade shows or in-person pitches, the companies serving the roofing industry didn’t stop innovating or finding creative ways to get the word out. So we listened, watched webinars, participated in virtual demos and took Zoom meetings with just about any company that had something to introduce to the market.

The following products were released within the past year and while assigning value to them may be subjective, there’s little doubt roofing contractors of all sizes and specialties will want to know about them and determine if they can provide an edge. Here are our Editor’s Choice honorees for 2021.