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Architectural Shingles

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Composite Roofing Tiles • DaVinci Roofscapes
Capturing the authentic look of real cedar shake and natural slate, composite roofing tiles from DaVinci® Roofscapes resists impact, fire, fading and rotting. Made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers plus a highly-specialized fire retardant, the state-of-the-art tiles are modeled from natural shake and slate profiles. Each durable piece resists insects, cracking, splitting and severe weather. Available in dozens of realistic colors. Tested for straight line winds up to 110 mph, rated up to 180 mph Hurricane Velocity Winds. Code approved for use in Miami-Dade County, Texas Dept. of Insurance, WUI 4175. Made in the USA. Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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Landmark® ClimateFlex® AR • CertainTeed
Landmark ClimateFlex AR (algae-resistant) technology improves upon the popular CertainTeed® Landmark brand, thanks to the latest advances in polymer science. Landmark ClimateFlex AR delivers additional impact resistance, cold-weather flexibility, and granule adhesion along with superior UV protection and durability compared to standard asphalt shingles. ClimateFlex works at a molecular level to make shingles more pliable and easier to install in cold weather than typical asphalt shingles. In addition to industry-leading hail resistance, Landmark utilizes ClimateFlex AR NailTrak®, StreakFighter®, and QuadraBond™ technologies to deliver exceptional nailing speed, algae resistance, and bond strength.
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Legacy • Malarkey Roofing Products
Legacy® is an architectural shingle line engineered with industry-leading, sustainable NEX® Polymer Modified Asphalt technology, which combines high-grade asphalt (weathering) with advanced polymers (strength, flexibility) and upcycled materials (durability, sustainability) to rubberize the shingle for exceptional all-weather performance, superior granule embedment, and longer product life. Features 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules that harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO2) into water-soluble ions (NO3), actively reducing smog air pollution. Recycled rubber and plastics are elevated into a higher-quality product, improving shingle strength and longevity. Class 4 limited impact rating and 110-130 mph wind warranties.
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Cascade™ • PABCO Roofing
Inspired by slate shingles that traditionally crowned the roofs of historic homes, the patented Cascade line of asphalt shingles from PABCO Roofing Products is designed for roof renovation projects honoring the classic style of heritage buildings. Cascade shingles feature a unique diamond shape ideal for grand gables, dramatic steep pitches, tasteful dormers, and other architectural elements found in the roof designs of historic homes. Available in four classic colors, Cascade shingles are particularly suited to projects requiring precise lines, adding complementary visual elements to historic structures.
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TAMKO Titan XT • TAMKO Building Products
TAMKO’s Titan XT™ shingles feature some of the most advanced innovative technology in the roofing industry, bringing both protection the market demands and beauty that homeowners desire. With powerful engineering, Titan XT shingles combine in-demand product features into one extreme technology shingle featuring the Rapid Fire Zone™ expanded nailing zone for fast and easy installation, and the AnchorLock™ layer and Advanced Fusion™ sealants that give the shingles a unique high wind warranty. The technology enables coverage up to 160 mph, with only four nails in the Rapid Fire Zone™ expanded nailing zone.
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Manoir Shingles • BP Canada
BP Building Products of Canada (BP Canada) has announced the launch of its new line of Manoir laminated shingles, a breakthrough roofing collection that mimics the luxurious look of Europe’s spectacular castles. Featuring BP Canada’s unique Weather-Tite® PLUS Technology – an improved version of the company’s patented wind resistance technology – the shingles come with a standard wind warranty of 135 mph (equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane), thanks to their two high performance sealant bands. The Weather-Tite® Band protects from wind-driven rain, while the Hurricane Band® provides superior protection from blow-offs.
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Pro-Cut HP42 Starter Shingles • Atlas Roofing
When combined with Atlas Roofing’s 42-inch StormMaster® Shake or Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles, Pro-Cut® HP42 starter strips allow for faster installs, cost savings on bundles, and greater coverage on the roof. Atlas Pro-Cut® HP42 starter shingles are 8 inches longer than their standard Pro-Cut® starter shingles, with features including a double sealant line and middle perforation. Pro-Cut® HP42 shingles are a required component of the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System, which is backed by a full-system Atlas Warranty, providing peak coverage for high-wind damage and black streaks caused by algae to manufacturing defects and roofing system failures.
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Duration® Designer Colors • Owens Corning
Duration® Designer Shingles showcase a bold and brilliant color palette and the high-contrast of the TruDefinition® color platform. This line features the 2022 Shingle Color of the Year — Bourbon, a full-bodied smooth blend of colors that reflect earthy warmth. Duration® Designer Shingles come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology — a tough fabric embedded in the nailing zone providing a triple layer of reinforcement in this critical area. Performance testing against leading competitors shows up to 2.5 times better nail pull-through resistance, nine times better nail-pull resistance, and two times better resistance to shingle delamination. Available nationwide in nine popular colors.
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Seal-Fast® Liqui-Flash • Mule-Hide Products Co.
Versatile Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash polyurethane roofing sealant from Mule-Hide Products Co. seals complex details quickly and permanently. It is compatible with asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, PVC, EPDM, and primed TPO roofs and may be top-coated with acrylic and silicone coatings. It is ideal for repairing hail-damaged polyurethane foam roofs. It can tackle typical and difficult-to-access applications, including flashings, skylights, pitch pockets and pans, inlaid gutters, air conditioners, roof vents, penetrations, ductwork, roof hatches, chimneys and seams. Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash requires minimal tooling but is viscous enough to prevent running and drain-out. Semi-self-leveling, it can be used to seal and repair single-ply membranes at any slope.
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EverGuard TPO Quick Spray Adhesive LV50 • GAF
GAF EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive LV50 is a sprayable, solvent-based contact adhesive for bonding smooth TPO membranes to various substrates. Quick Spray offers faster membrane installation than traditional bucket and roller adhesives, with flash time in five minutes or less from time of application, and coverage up to 10 squares per canister (93 square meters) when properly applied. It has a high initial tack and can be applied at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.7 degrees Celsius) and above for cold weather application. The product is also available in 20, 45, and 90 square sizes, in refillable canisters.
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R-Mer Seal • Garland Co.
Garland’s R-Mer Seal self-adhering, high-temp metal roofing underlayment forms a flexible, watertight seal under Garland metal roof systems even in high temperature roof conditions. Its flexible membrane, formulated with high-temperature rubberized asphalt, boasts excellent elongation capabilities and tensile strength to accommodate the expansion and contraction of a roof surface. R-Mer Seal’s peel-and-stick application is fast and easy and its cross-laminated polymer film provides an excellent slip-resistant surface for installers. For use on slopes 2:12 and higher.
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Synthetic Guard™ and Synthetic Guard™ Plus Underlayment • TAMKO
With TAMKO’s Synthetic Guard and Synthetic Guard Plus underlayment, roofing contractors can now advertise their business on every job site. TAMKO’s custom printing feature puts the contractor’s roofing business logo directly on the underlayment as an easy and highly-visible way to advertise the contractor’s business, and potentially gain more business. Both underlayment products are qualifying accessory products in the new WXTShield Enhanced System Warranty™, a new innovative upgrade to TAMKO’s enhanced shingle warranties, available to be offered only by TAMKO Certified Contractors.
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Vapor Barrier • Duro-Last
Duro-Last® Vapor Barrier is a self-adhesive vapor barrier composed of SBS modified bitumen adhesive on the bottom surface and a tri-laminated woven polyethylene on the top surface. A silicone release film covers the self-adhesive on the bottom surface. While designed as an underlayment to minimize vapor transmission, the Duro-Last Vapor Barrier can also provide a durable, walkable, temporary surface that protects the decking for up to four months until a roofing system can be installed.
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