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Tedlar Film • DuPont
DuPont has introduced a new DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film for laminating metal roofing and building wall panels. The new product will be sold by Titan Steel and its affiliated company, Metal Alliance in the North American and Caribbean markets. Resistance to harsh chemicals and corrosion are two key attributes of Tedlar-laminated metal. This means that roofing and metal panels laminated with Tedlar film provide greater resistance to corrosion from seawater and salt spray, even as close as 1,500 feet from the ocean. These features — combined with resistance to fading, chalking, cracking, and blistering caused by UV exposure, plus unmatched pliability — round out an overall robust product for commercial and residential applications alike. For more information, visit
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SOPREMA wants to popularize green roofs and improve their availability across North America with this easy-to-install and maintain system, which was introduced to the European market over 15 years ago. Factory-made from 100% recycled polypropylene, the modules are light, can hold a large volume of water, and offer excellent wind uplift resistance properties. Besides helping save time during installation, the removable peripheral casing (side boards) allows side-by-side installation for a clean finish, hiding the module edges once the product has been placed. This system is suitable for both small and large surfaces, either flat or sloped (up to 20%). For more information, visit
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PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint • Nationwide Protective Coatings
Nationwide Protective Coatings is always working on providing the best options in the industry for elastomeric roof coatings. At this time, we are expanding our roof coating lineup for elastomeric applications to include PERMAKOTE® Metal Roof Paint. PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint is a matte finish, bright white, elastomeric acrylic, protective roof coating designed to work on a metal roof system. It is a water-based, high build formula that possesses acrylic waterproofing technology. PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint also qualifies for a CLASS A Fire Rating Test as per ASTM E84-01, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Visit for more information.
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Fiber 5 Video Series • FiberTite
FiberTite proudly presents the “Fiber 5” video series. Each episode walks you through the challenges, solutions and latest roofing insights to protect the building’s operations and the reputation of the installer and building owner. We’ll discuss the effects of unplanned downtime, the importance of regulatory compliance and how maintenance costs can add up. You will also gain a greater understanding of how roof resiliency plays a key role in protecting a building, why experience matters and all the latest trends driving the roofing industry. Join us now for the “Fiber 5” series at and contact us to discuss the best protection for your next roof installation.
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OMG Retrofit Roof Drains Earn Code Certification • OMG Roofing Products
OMG’s three most popular retrofit roof drains — Hercules, Hercules Plus and SpeedTite — have all been certified to conform with ASME 112.6.4 and CSA-B79-08 standards. As such, these drains now meet both the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) requirements for use in reroofing applications in the U.S. and in Canada. The certification was completed by QAI Laboratories in 2020, an independent testing, inspection and certification organization that serves the building industry. For additional information about any of the OMG drains, please visit or call OMG Roofing Products at 800-633-3800.
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SureSlope Prefabricated Tapered Products • Atlas Roofing Corp.
Atlas Roofing Corporation introduces SureSlope™ Prefabricated Tapered Products. Built from the foundation of its industry-leading portfolio of Gemini™ Pre-Cut Tapered Polyiso Roof Insulation, Atlas has rebranded and enhanced the product line as SureSlope, providing contractors, architects and engineers with a more concise picture of its function and benefits. The product line has now expanded to include the new SureSlope DST 8x8 Drain Set, developed to help contractors minimize installation errors, reduce jobsite waste, and increase installation speed. Each product is produced with a closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam core integrally bonded to non-asphaltic, fiber-reinforced organic felt or inorganic coated-glass facers, which provides dimensional stability and thermal performance. Visit for more information.
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Solidifier Work Boot • Iron Age Footwear
Iron Age Footwear is excited to announce its new Solidifier work boot series, complete with waterproof liners, 90-degree defined heels, goodyear welts, polyurethane tough-abrasive outsoles, and awesome full-grain leathers. The Solidifier offers a durable and affordable alternative for those who like the look and feel of a wedge outsole while needing a defined heel and a tough abrasive leather and outsole. The boot comes in three versions: 6-inch, 8-inch, and a pull-on. All models come standard with Iron Age’s full-grain crazy horse leather, welted construction, Bootbed™ memory foam removable footbed, and abrasion-resistant outsole. The 6-inch and 8-inch add a layer of weather protection with a Hydtrotex® waterproof liner. For more information, visit
Steel Demon Cermet Saw Blade • DIABLO
Designed for cutting mild and stainless steel, DIABLO’s Steel Demon Cermet saw blades produce less sparks, less fumes and less heat while creating a superior cut, eliminating the need for rework. This enables contractors to get the job done quickly and get home safe. The specially formulated Cermet (Ceramic and Metallic blend) teeth provide high heat tolerances and increased hardness for superior wear and ultimate cutting life. The Perma-Shield non-stick coating resists heat build-up by protecting the blade against gumming and corrosion. The thin-kerf body and advanced laser cut anti-vibration stabilizer vents reduce vibration and noise to allow the blades to quickly shear through metal with ease and accuracy. For more information, visit