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Read on to see more about how codes influence the roofing space.

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Counting on Codes

Changing codes and standards on building products in the roofing space can have a major impact on what a roofing contractor can expect on a jobsite. With so much riding on strong relationships with suppliers, do contractors ever ask who deals with product code and standards compliance by the manufacturers?

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In the Know

The IAPMO Institute of Building Technology, a division of IAPMO R&T Lab, has spent decades testing and evaluating a variety of products for the construction industry in accordance with acceptance and evaluation criteria and national standards. Its product-testing lab and evaluation engineers know the building codes intimately and help guide manufacturers if codes or standard changes impact their product.

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Why That Matters

Those test results and evaluations protect contractors from non-conforming products entering the marketplace. It also helps them avoid selling products that building officials will ultimately flag.

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Cost of Non-Compliance

Not only will projects have to stall, stop altogether until conforming products are installed, but legal action may follow. Plus, the potential damage to a customer relationship and a contractor’s reputation could harm future business.

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Roofing contractors have always relied on their manufacturing partners for product innovation and reliability that often drives profits. In recent years, they’ve also turned to manufacturers for technical and business training and expertise on code compliance.

Just as roofers need to remember that certain procedures that were right for the job at one point, may not be acceptable or applicable today, so do their manufacturing partners.

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